Direct Link

In FPMI you were able to do a direct link to project:


Is there a new address for Ignition to be able to do this, or must projects be launched only from the home page?

Yes! It’s


Excellent… thank you!

What are the links for fullscreen or applet as well?

Windowed JNLP: [tt]http://IP:PORT/main/system/launch/client/PROJECT_NAME.jnlp[/tt]
Full-Screen JNLP: [tt]http://IP:PORT/main/system/launchfs/client/PROJECT_NAME.jnlp[/tt]
Applet URL: [tt]http://IP:PORT/main/web/applet/client/PROJECT_NAME[/tt]

I was able to put “javaws.exe” in front of the project link in the windows shortcut on the desktop to have it start right up in Java instead of launching the browser first. I tried it with the Windowed JNLP and it worked well. I did not try the others.

Is this OK or should I not do this?

Alex, you can create a desktop shortcut by doing that. It would look something like:"C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\javaws.exe" -localfile "http://IP:PORT/main/system/launch/client/PROJECT_NAME.jnlp"You can also get to the designer with:
Designer JNLP: [tt]http://IP:PORT/main/system/launch/designer/designer.jnlp[/tt]

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Actually my shortcut is “C:\Windows\System32\javaws.exe localhost:8088/main/system/launc … ousel.jnlp” and it is working.

Yes, it is absolutely OK to make a shortcut like "[tt]javaws.exe[/tt]"

It won't work for applet mode (should be obvious why not) but it will work for full screen and windowed modes.

Is there any difference in the above shortcuts as far as the actual launching of the project? For example, does one force all the packages to be downloaded again? Is one faster or slower? Do they all pretty much work the same?

They should all work the same.

As a side-note, with Ignition (as opposed to classic FactoryPMI) the downloading of packages is radically different - read on if curious:

FactoryPMI relied Java Web-Start’s caching mechanism to keep all of its packages (*.jar files) up-to-date. Over the years we got tired of some shortcomings with that caching system after coaching too many people to clear their Java caches and wrestling with odd jar-signing issues.

Ignition only uses Web-Start to load a tiny little “bootstrap loader” program. This means 1 jar file which changes very rarely. That loader is then in charge of managing its own cache, which works much better.

Our cache only re-downloads the packages when it needs to, and it uses checksums to negotiate with the Gateway to figure out which packages are out-of-date. The only, non-intuitive part of this system is that each client instance uses its own cache. So, if you run a client for the first time, it’ll download all of the jars. If you close that client and re-open it, it won’t download anything. But if you open a 2nd client while the 1st is still open, that 2nd client will need to download its own copy of the jars so that it can maintain an independent cache. This allows a Client to retarget to Ignition Gateway that is running a different version without clobbering a concurrently running instance’s cache.

Is it possible to make direct shortcut for different users with their usernames already present?
Like “direct shortcut” -clientname ? So that user only have to type a password.


No, that is not currently possible. It may become possible in the future, as we’ll be introducing additional client authentication options, but I can’t say for sure, or when.


I have made my own shortcuts. After launching a project it makes a shortcut on desktop. Is there a way to stop that shortcut from being made?

Sure, in the Java control Panel…

Thanks, seen that was not sure if there was a way to have it stop making them from within Ignition… I was hoping I was overlooking something.

to launch project from shortcut:

%windir%\system32\javaws.exe “http://IP:PORT/main/system/launch/client/PROJECT_NAME.jnlp”

and to launch Designer from shorcut:

%windir%\system32\javaws.exe “http://IP:PORT/main/system/launch/designer/designer.jnlp”