Direct Mode Historical Tag Group not updating when tag's Default Tag Group is set to leased


I have configured the Default Tag Group’s mode to Leased as I don’t see a need to update the tags when nothing is being shown to the operator. I have configured the History for these tags to use the Default Historical Tag Group as the Sample Mode. The Historical Tag Group’s mode is set to Direct at a rate of 10 seconds.

When I plot a chart to show the tag history, the chart shows a static value as the output. If I bind the tags to components, then the chart shows varying tag values. Why is the stored value static if the Historical Tag Group is set to Direct Mode?


Not a bug. You must configure the tag to subscribe to its data source at least as fast as you wish that data to be stored in history. The pace for the history is independent of the pace of the subscription.

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Thank you for the clarification. The ways tag subscription and historization are configured, implies they are independent of each other.

The paces are “independent”. One is the pace to get the data, the other is the pace to store what you’ve gotten. Ignition will happily store data faster than it is refreshed. /: