Direct PLCTag from one machine to another machine?

here is my scenario:
I have two PLC machines, machine#1 has a CycleOvertime bit that I want to send it to the Ignition gateway, then the gateway would let machine #2 know about this condition and give an indicator output.

Thanks in advance.

You can accomplish that in one of three ways:

  1. Create a DB expression tag with an expression that returns PLC 1’s tag value and writes it to PLC 2’s tag

  2. Create a standard transaction group to do the same as 1.

  3. Use a gateway tag change script to write from one PLC to another.

The first option will probably be the easiest.

lol, Travis, i have more than one option! I cant even figure one out.

I created a new DBtag , MyDBTag, with this expression

What did I do wrong here?

A single equals in the expression language is just equality not assignment. Look to the bottom of the expression tab and you will see a write-back section. There you can select the tag you want to write the above expression to.

I already tried the write back method like you suggested even before I tried that equal expression.

Anyway, just talked to Bob in support, I need to upgrade mine from v7.3 to v7.3.1 to get it work.

However creating a standard transaction group method does work on v7.3