Directory Brwoser/file picker

I am building up a PM system to go along with with the data collection we are surrently doing.

What I’d like to do is this: as the info for a PM is being entered, I’d like to have the option of being able to upload the work instruction to the gateway server. I’m not looking to store anything in the databse except a link pointing to where I stuck the file when I uploaded it.

I can move the files around using ftplib-- haven’t actually done it yet, but the library’s there, so I know I can do that part. :thumb_right:

So, is there a gui-ish file picker available? It’d be nice to have the people in charge of developing the PM’s to be able to upload it from ther own machines instead of bothering-- uhh… requesting-- me to do it for them…

Yes, system.file.openFile brings up a file picker and returns the path of the file selected or None if cancelled.

I can’t believe the things I miss… I’ll chalk it up to a senior moment. That way, when I become a senior, they’ll all be used up and I’ll be good to go! :mrgreen:

Thanks, Travis. Still my hero! :laughing:

Path to the selected file - where is it returned to?

The path is returned as a result of running the function:

path = system.file.openFile() print path