Directory for configuration files

For Windows, in which directory/directories does Ignition store user configuration files (gateway config, projects, images, etc)?
Is it possible to change the drive letter/directory they are stored in?

All those config files are stored in the “internal database” under Inductive Automation\Ignition\contexts\main\db. You get a complete backup of all that user data by doing a backup from the config web page.

The Windows installer puts Ignition under the %programfiles%, path, under “\Inductive Automation\Ignition”. You don’t have a path choice with the installer.

You can, however, download the latest Windows Zip Build (instead of the installer). Extract Ignition to what ever drive/path you’d like. You can then use the “install-ignition.bat” and “uninstall-ignition.bat” files. The process more manual, so you’ll want to stop the service prior to upgrading, etc. It’s quick and easy, albeit a little less pretty.

Nathan - you do get a path choice with our installer…

Now, I think you might be asking if you can simply have the user information stored in a separate place from the application installation. Unfortunately, we went through some pains to make this possible in Ignition’s architecture, but then never made it possible for a user to alter. Expect this to change in future versions.

I stand corrected about the install path. I ran the installer when Ignition was already installed and wasn’t prompted for the path.

Were you referring to the cache file location for individual runtime clients?

Carl’s post answered my question. I can see situations where you have multiple drives with different speeds, redundancy, backup and security plans where you might want your application configuration in a different location than the program install location.

Just for the record what is the default client cache directory and can it be changed?

The client will create its cache under the current user’s home directory in a folder named “.ignition”
This cannot be changed.