Directory shows up as unknown when expanded

When expanding a tag directory in 7.9 the directory changes from the correct name to “Unknown”. This directory is created by a module written by inductive automation. When tested on another PC it works fine.

The eWonConnector module was created by IA Sales Engineering, but is open source and not guaranteed support. If you have an issue with it, I would suggest filing it on the github page for the module (any errors you’re getting in the designer or on the gateway would be helpful).

I am actually taking over maintenance, support, and development of the eWon connector. I have been working with Ignition 8 but we have a customer using ignition 7.9 so I am not too familiar with that. I dont see anything in his logs and I have not seen any errors generated related to this. I did replicate his setup and connection and did not encounter the same issue so I was just looking to see if there was a known reason for this issue that was more common to ignition itself rather than the module. I will look into it further on the module side.

I’ve seen similar things when a tag/tagnode returns the wrong type for itself (ie, maybe null?). I would hope to see an error, but this might only get logged on debug. If the actual functionality doesn’t seem affected, then it’s likely just an issue in the designer scoped code, which means it shouldn’t occur any more in 8.0 (the 8.0 designer is much less ‘aware’ of tag structure and configuration).