Disable a View Temporarily in Perspective

Good morning Team,

I am wondering if there is a way to disable a view in order to see if my design is causing spikes in memory/cpu usage. I am pretty sure they are but wanted to confirm.

The only way I can think to do this is to export the page and keep as a copy. Then delete the page from the project and can later add it back in.



Maybe you could set the root container’s visible prop to false?

Is there a way to determine what is utilizing the memory and cpu in my project/gateway?

My memory is going from around 1200 to 2600 swing every 15 seconds or so.

That wont do anything for performance.

No idea what will help you pin the problem down tho, its usualy the bindings/scripts

Memory going up and down is somewhat normal because of how Java does garbage collection. The graph should look kind of like a sawtooth.

You should probably contact support. That doesn’t look like a healthy system.

Is there a way to determine what is polling or using the resources. I have looked in the logs and diagnostics but nothing definitive. I believe it is in my queries and polling.

Java is always rolling through its available memory. Every temporary class instance created as java runs will be discarded and then have to be collected. There’s so much of that going on that the unusual is often lost in the crowd. Snapshots of memory usage or histograms can help (jhat, flight recorder, etc).

A sawtooth is utterly normal. Spiky charts without known spiky loads, not so much.