Disable alarm clearing on alarm re-enable

Hello everyone,

In my system I have alarms set up for machine faults. Many of these machine alarms need to be disabled when they are put into setup mode. To do this I have put a binding on the enabled expression in the Alarming part of the tag editor to only be enabled when the machines are out of setup mode.

When the alarms transition from disabled to enabled all of them simultaneously clear. I realize that this is standard behaviour but I would like to disable the alarms clearing when they are re-enabled/re-initialized, and only see cleared messages when an alarm is truly cleared.

I attempted to do this with the on-change condition, but as many of my alarm tags are bit states this makes it rather difficult to implement.

Any suggestions or solutions would be welcome.


This seems to be happening to me with Ignition 7.9.13 and is causing many issues for our client due to false alarms. Is there a solution to this?