Disable all components of a perspective flex container?

Is there a way to disable all components of a perspective flex container ?

You can do them all in one "batch", but this still requires you having selected all of them into a group with either individual Ctrl clicks or a blanket Shift click. There is no "disable all child components" option.

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While not exactly disabling, if they were all in the same container, you could hide the container (set display to false).

Programmatically, you could do something like:

	parent = self.getParent()  # or other handle to container
	children = parent.getChildren()
	for child in children:
		child.props.enabled = False

This works because most (all?) input components have an enabled property, and for those that don't setting an unused property should be harmless.

These are "runtime" options. I would go with cmallonee's answer for design time disabling.