Disable columnt title headers

How can i disable or hide column titles or headers.

what we are trying to do is build a dynamic horizontal sub menu under each tab and one way to do that was to have a table component of row one and multiple columns without titles. This one row will show the submenu items; each column will be a sub menu item that will help select approriate window upon selected cell event. The table contents will be selected from a db table which will have the tab name as primary id and multiple entries for each tab id. we will then pivot the table and fill the table component.

Is this possible.

Maybe there is a better solution but we were trying to avoid using labels; the table will also make it a flexible and dynamic submenu.


We are currently trying to use multiple tabstrip controls to do the dynamic submenus in horizontal format and it seems that might work. However, it will be nice to know if there is a way to disable headers/titles row in the table control.

Yeah, I would use 2 tabstrips. The second one could be put in “fancy” mode to separate them visually.

There isn’t a graceful way to disable table headers, but if the table is up near the top of the window, you could always just push it up past the top of the window out of view. Uncheck the Container Bounds: Constrain option in the Designer quick prefs.