Disable "Data Collection Errors" slide-up during report creation?

I’m currently designing a report, and there is a long list of errors that are displayed in the “Data Collection Errors” slide-up window each time I switch to the design or preview pages. It is only a minor annoyance, but I was wondering if it were at all possible to disable this pop-up. Thanks!

We didn’t design it to be disabled, because if people could disable it, they’d forget they’d done so, and we’d be getting calls to support about reports not working because the data wasn’t getting collected. :slight_smile:


Okay, sort of figured as much. Thank you!

It also encourages people to think about their data and get it working before wasting any time on design – design that might change based on the final structure of the data.

Another thought – one of the reasons we made the static data source is so you can mock up a datasource that isn’t ready to be used yet. This lets you design and test your report without having the data collection popup, then swap in the correct source when it’s ready.