Disable/enable Alarm in v8

I try to bind a tag alarm enabled to a check box to trigger Disable/enable but I get error of mismatch type.
The tag is udt withing path;
I also try script to do it:
with no success. Both method worked in 7.9.10.
Can someone tell how to Disable/enable alarm?
Specially with binding.

I think you are looking for the wrong property,
you may find your answer here:

No that’s not what I mean. I need user disable and enable individual alarm of alarms of a tag.
Each tag can have several alarms and I want to disable it.
I can read them easily but write command doesn’t work in v8

I want to not to use tag to able enable and disable alarm. For each analog tag have 4 level of alarm for that I had to define 4 additional tag to enable and disable it which cause more memory & CPU usage.
Directly change the attribute value is more better option.

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Thanks. You save me again.

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