Disable error popup window in client

is there any way to disable the popup windows for error like ‘Post Error 503’ or ‘Connection refused’ in the client?
We have intermittent server and network problems that cause this windows to popup on public monitors on the production floor. Currently i have to connect via VNC to all those client an click the popup away, so it would be great if it was possible to completey disable error popups in a client.

If these errors are coming in because of some scripting that you have then you can wrap it in a try/except block to stop the errors. If it’s a system error then you might be out of luck but something that I’ve done in the past is, instead of closing the error box, just move it to the very bottom of the screen so it can’t be seen. When additional errors come up they will all be in the “hidden” error box.

Did you see this?