Disable "Gateway Connection Restored" in Perspective App?

Is there a way to disable the “Gateway Connection Restored” message in the Perspective App? I don’t want it coming up every time I open the app (and I have to click the x to remove it) but I don’t see any preference setting to disable it. Thanks!


I find this a bit annoying as well as it covers a lot of the screen. The x is super small as well. Should be able to swipe it up or sideways to get it to go away instead of click the x imo


It disappears after a while, feels like ten seconds or so. An option to shorten this wouldn’t be a bad option either.

Yeah I can see how that’d be annoying, especially as often as mobile devices can lose connection. Unfortunately there’s no way to disable it currently. I’ll create a ticket to try and make that less intrusive, or maybe allow disabling the popup entirely.



Any update on this?