Disable gateway error logging ignition 8.0.4

My application is connecting with modbus devices who are often offline. This makes my gateway logs look very cluttered. I can disable logs for modbus in the logging settings. But if the gateway restarts, the logging is back enabled. Is there a way to permanently disable error logging for modbus?

In the logback.xml file in the data directory, add a line like this:
<logger name="<full name of logger>" level="ERROR"/>

Hello, I tried to at this line at the end:

This broke all logging. Do i need to add this line at a specific place? I also tried before the tag.

It worked. The line has to be inserted right after the configuration opening tag

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I also completely forgot it existed, but the easier option would be to use system.util.setLoggingLevel in a gateway startup script :man_facepalming:

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