Disable HID(0) input for specific textboxes

I have an RFID reader (USB) that will automatically fill in the active textbox (or any input field) with the data read from the card. This is working great. However, I would like to only allow this to function when the focus is on a specific textbox. For example I only want the user to have the card input to be read into the card info textbox, not the User Name textbox.

Is there a way to ignore or disable a port (USB) ony at certain times?


I think I found a way to do it. There is a commandline utility called “DEVCON” that can monitor & control hardware devices. Knowing the hardware ID (vendor specific), the device can be stopped and started.

I can assign the commandline command to a pushbutton to activate the reader, and when done, de-activate it.

I didn’t know this existed.

I have it tested and working at the OS level (WinXP) and will verify functionality later in Ignition.