Disable Logout button on comms loss


We have Ignition running on a win8 tablet which moves through the factory jumping onto different wireless APs. When jumping between APs we often see the typical loss of comms window appear giving the option to “logout”.

I’d like to be able to disable the logout button as sometimes wandering fingers sometimes step on this button. Or better yet, provide a simple close window button instead.

Is this possible?


You should check out Ubiquiti UniFi AP’s. They have zero hand-off technology that allows for VOIP level of QoS without any interuption when roaming across the plant floor switching between Access Points.

Looks like very nice stuff.

We generally have an issue when they take the tablet out of range or even offsite, I have currently made the username and password display on the login page as a quick fix in case they do logout due to pressing this button.

Would be nice to be able to customize this error screen, maybe display the results of a ping script / ipconfig etc.