Disable or remove device on backup server

Currently the the maximum connections to one of our PLCs is not great enough to allow both the master and backup server to make connections. In the mean time, until I can have the connections increased, is there a way to disable or delete the device on the backup server? The reason I would like to be able to disable or delete the device is because when the master server goes down the backup connects to the PLC and does not disconnect when the master comes back online.

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In the latest version of Ignition if your backup is on “Cold” no connections to devices are made.

It is my understanding with the cold setting there will being a longer period where no data will be collected because the gateway has to start all the device connections. This is not desirable.

How much of a time delay difference is there between warm and cold?

I only have 1 device out of 21 that I would like to have this behavior until we increase the connections on the PLC.

Maybe a feature request would be to allow the warm and cold redundancy setting by device rather than by gateway if the only difference is whether the devices are connected to by the backup server when not the active server.

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i have set the redundancy setting standby activity level on both the master and backup server to cold.

now when the master goes down the backup will automatically connect to the devices and become active?

when the master comes back up will the backup go back into the cold state automatically and disconnect from all the devices?

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Yes, that’s exactly right.