Disable overlays globally on trial version

I am trying to figure out how to disable the data quality overlays on the trial version of ignition, we are receiving the overlays because we imported a real project on to my notebook and because the real data is not available I keep getting the red overlays and the warning messages. Is there a way to kind of “fake” the designer into disabling the overlays entirely? Thanks in advance

Try playing with the (Expert) “Data Quality” property of components.

Check out overlays here:

In the designer you can select the View -> Disable Overlays option to hid them. This doesn’t work for the clients though.

Thanks you very much, the veiw -> disable overlays worked great!

Is there a way to disable all data quality overlays globally for the running clients?

Sure can, you just need to call:system.tag.setOverlaysEnabled(0)

Hey thanks Travis, now is this script statement executed as a startup script? Can this statement be entered as is in the startup scripting or does it need to be called from the script module?

You would want to put that in the client startup script.

Right on, thanks Carl, I’m new to this scripting but it works great.

I assumed that I’d need to add to make it work and it did.
import system

You don’t have to import system since we do that for you already.