Disable table update

Good morning
Does anyone have a method to disable updating a table from sql?
I’m looking for something like the switch labelled “Live Values” on the Ignition Gateway -> Status-> Logs page


You could always use the following setup (written from a Perspective point-of-view, but it can be accomplished in Vision as well):

  1. propertyA is a periodic polling (binding) of the table data.
  2. LiveValueToggleSwitch (or checkbox) is a component which determines if you should be using live values or “locked” data.
  3. propertyA has an onChange Script something like this:
if ToggleSwitch.props.selected:
    Table.props.data = View.custom.query_value

Using this setup will populate your table with the data from the query until you “un-select” the ToggleSwitch or checkbox, at which point the Table will retain whatever data it already had. Toggling the switch will then re-activate the display of live data.

Sorry, this solution exist too for version 7.x?