Disable Tag history on value condition

Application is a laser micrometer UDP transfer of height and width values. I have expression tags with historian tied into SPC and tag history calculations. here is the expression for one of the tags:

if({[.]11001/DimY} > 0 && {[.]../Taymer/LineMoving}, 
forceQuality({[.]11001/DimY}, 192), forceQuality({[.]11001/DimY}, 600))

Simply forcing the quality to 600 does not exclude it from the SPC sample collection when the line is not running. What is a good way to disable the SPC samples when Line is not moving? Apologies if this belongs in the MES forum but I was hoping there would be a way to modify the expression here, Thanks.


Have you taken a look at our Knowledge Base article on this topic?

There are other ways to accomplish this, so if this KB approach doesn’t address your use case, drop us a line at Support@sepasoft.com.