Disable the Ingnition error messages at runtime

Hi all,

Is possible disable the error messages showed how popup in a Vision Client ( for example like that)

Thank you very much


In bindings, no.
In scripts, you can use standard python “try … except …” clauses to intercept any errors and process them any way you like.

Whoops, forgot about the try() expression function for bindings. To use it for a SQL query, you’d have to move the query into an expression.

Is not only for the queries, but for everything. ( picture is only an example of the message error)
I would like to disable this message box at runtime.


[quote=“andrea.minu”]I would like to disable this message box at runtime.[/quote]I don’t think you can. And really, anything failing at runtime that might show this dialog needs to be investigated and understood if you want a reliable system.