Disable Voice Notification "Press 1 to Continue" Function

I’m trying to set up a system where certain alarms call out to our maintenance crew if there is a critical issue. However, I am trying to send the alarm to our maintenance radio network which can receive incoming calls but they do not have a keypad to enter anything. Is there a way to disable this function so that the voice module just reads through the notification and then hangs up?

There is not currently a means to do this (unfortunately) but it’s definitely on our radar. Feel free to vote for the issue to increase our prioritization, as well:

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Is there any update to this request? We are also seeing this issue at some sites but not all. We are sending our calls to regular cell phones and some sites don’t recognize pressing keys to continue. We run 7.9.10 at all sites and the Voice modules are 4.9.10 as well. Every person that gets a call from the suspect sites also cannot click any key to continue.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Sounds like the classic no keyboard detected, press any key to continue issue :sweat_smile:

If you’re having specific issues with DTMF responses not making it back to Ignition, it’s usually a network configuration issue. Are you already in contact with support? That’s where I would recommend starting :slight_smile:

We are not in contact with support anymore on this issue. All facilities are setup exactly the same and connect to a cisco manager profile for voice. According to IT those are all configured the same as well. I will reference this comment to them as well.