Disable window "Maximize" button


How do I disable the “Maximize” option on a Navigation window (i.e the feature circled in the attached image)?

Thank you.

I dont’ know if you can disable only the “Maximize” option, but if you want you can hide the Menu bar by going to Project - Properties - User interface - Hide Menu Bar = True.
As an alternative, you can build your own Menu Bar with only the Exit and Minimize option inside your window.

I can’t say exactly how, but I believe its possible. Ignition & the Vision component are built on Java, and Java Swing. You could use something like getRoot() from SwingUtilities and get the top level window that you’re looking at in the screenshot, then I think that should be able to disable the maximize button. I haven’t confirmed this, it may not be changable - but a possibility. Also, doing something like that isn’t supported by IA and may change when they update Ignition.

window = system.nav.openWindow("Nav/Null")
from javax.swing import SwingUtilities
root = SwingUtilities.getRoot(window)

“Nav/Null” is a 1px/1px popup window that doesn’t actually do anything and is immediately closed - it’s just a convenient way to use getRoot in a client startup script. Note that the “maximize” option will still be on the menu bar (at least, in win 10) but greyed out, and you also won’t be able to drag the sides of the window to resize it (as the setting implies).


This error message is generated when I launch the client:

Traceback (most recent call last):

File “”, line 1, in

ValueError: Window Nav/Null does not exist.

Ignition v7.9.4 (b2017082911)
Java: Oracle Corporation 1.8.0_181

Is there an alternative for the “Nav/Null” window?

Thanks PGriffith; it worked! I just realized the (“Nav/Null”) was a placeholder :slight_smile:

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