Disabled Device on the Gateway still shows live tag values

Just upgraded to Ignition 8.0.3 and noticed that Devices that are Disabled on the Gateway still show up in the OPC Browser and show live tag data. If I create a new Tag the tag will update even though the Device is Disabled in the Gateway settings. Is this normal?

What kind of device was it?

ControlLogix using Allen-Bradley Logix Driver

I’m not seeing this behavior on 8.0.3 or the latest development branch. Are you sure you actually disable the device?

Yes, it’s Disabled at the Gateway. Just for fun I Enabled it, saved, then Disabled it and saved. I can still get live tag data. This Gateway was restored from another Gateway which is still up and running on the network. Is there some way the Device could be pointed to the OPC Server on the other Gateway? I actually have several devices that are doing this. I’ve never had this issue before.

Check your OPC UA connection, not any of the devices, and see if it’s pointed at localhost or some other IP address.

OPC UA > Server Settings > Endpoint Addresses: ,

hostname and localhost

No, under OPC Client > OPC Connections. Then click “More” > “endpoint”.

If that’s not pointing to another server then you’ll probably need to call support and let them look around.

Bingo, that was it. Thanks!