Disabled Tags and Load on Ignition

Do tags that are disabled incur a load on the Ignition gateway?

IE we have some UDTs in Ignition that contain instances of other UDTs. The outer, or parent UDT, is looking at a one UDT Tag in the PLC (Rockwell), and the inner or child UDT's will be looking at completely different UDT Tags in the PLC. Sometimes that child UDT won't have the tag to look at in the PLC, in cases like that we would like to disable the child UDT in the parent UDT. With that child UDT disabled does that help the tag side of things on Ignition or does it not buy us anything?

Yeah, it helps a little, because if an OPC tag is enabled then Ignition is always going to be trying to subscribe to it until it gets a good subscription. If it doesn't exist in the PLC that will never happen, and you'll have subscription related operations continually failing in the background.

Thanks Kevin. I did see that the Tag count on the PLC will fluctuate with those tags enabled/disabled. I just wasn't sure about the Ignition back end side of things.