Disabling an Alarm Pipeline

Is there any way to disable an Alarm Pipeline from the client.

Ideally what I want is a button on the screen that toggles to enable/disable the alarm pipeline, but I still want the alarm to be logged in the journal and on the alarm table.

Initially what I had was a memory tag which I thought could be used in an expression block or switch block at the start of the pipeline, however the expression seems to return NULL for the value of the tag.


if you want to use a tag, then I’ve used the tag expression successfully

the “tag” expression for a tag with the path :tag/path would not look like this:


but would be like this:


don’t forget the quotes

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Thanks for the reply Chris, I couldn’t get it to work as described without putting in the tag provider, so the expression had to be tag(’[default]tag/path’) since I was using the default tag provider.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

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Yes, your quite right, I forgot, the piplines are in the gateway scope and not project specific so you have to specify the tag provider even if it is the default.

Glad you got it working.

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So to add/resurrect this thread…

We have a Notification Pipeline per project. We would like a way to disable the pipeline while updating tags or performing testing. However, we would like to put a timer script/expression in the Gateway event script or on the tag that enables the pipeline after a set time, say 4 hrs. Is there a system properties that we could write to via a Gateway script or tag within the project?

Giving this a bump to see if there have been any updates in 8.1 to make this a bit easier - ie direct script function to enable/disable a pipeline. Anyone know if such a thing exists? I saw there is the system.alarms.listPipelines function, but I didn’t see any functions to manipulate the pipeline.

If not, then is using the expression block with a tag reference still the best way to handle pipeline enable/disable from a client? Has anyone come up with a better way (not that the tag method seems that bad TBH).

Any info appreciated,

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