Disabling an individual alarm

In my application, I would like to give the user the ability to disable certain alarm levels for a given point, let’s say through a serious of check boxes.

I would like to do this without removing the actual stored setpoints, so the user can re-enable the alarm level without having to re-enter data, so modifying the sqlt_as table doesn’t seem like a solution. I was hoping there is some kind of flag I can set to disable the alarm. If this is not the case, would my best bet be to store the setpoint data in another table temporarily and remove the entry from sqlt_as (to disable the alarm)?

If it makes things easier, I also do not plan on letting the alarm level Hi being disabled unless HiHi is first disabled. In other words, I am not looking to create gaps between severity levels.

Once again, thanks in advance.

You could set the tag’s AlertMode property to 0 (off) in the sqlt_meta table. (I assume that you’ve been indoctrinated already as to the dangers and pitfalls of editing the sqlt_* tables directly…)

Yes I have, wish me luck.

I don’t only want to disable the notification, I want to disable the alarm from even being triggered. I will give this a shot and see if it solves my problem.


EDIT: I just realized that this would disable alerting for all severity levels. I am trying to just disable individual severities. I understand that I COULD set the bounds for these levels to arbitrarily high values, but that approach seems like more of a work-around.

Yes, sorry, you’re right, I didn’t read your original post closely enough. My suggestion will disable all alerts for the tag. I’m afraid I don’t know of any elegant way to do what you’re asking for.

You could perhaps multiply the tagid in the sqlt_as table by -1 (making it negative, but still encoding the original tagid value) for the state that you want to disable, and then multiply it by -1 again to re-enable it…not the best solution, I know, but its the best I can think of right now…

Hmm. I like that idea actually. Thanks