Disabling child tags

Question: does disabling a parent tag also disable all of its child tags?

I have a UDT that is made up of other UDTs, each of which also contain UDTs. I have many instances of the main UDT configured, but I want to disable some. In the SQLTags Browser when I disable an instance its icon grays out. But the child tags still look enabled. Is this, in fact, true? I really don’t want to click through to hundreds of tags. I can do it through script I suppose, but won’t need to if I can simply disable the parents.

I set up a sample project and some UDTs in this screenshot (attached).

So in my example, are ‘Level 2 tag A’, etc. and the ‘Level 3 instance 1’ tags disabled?

The reason for this is these tags do not exist in the PLC so I’d rather save the traffic and log entries associated with them.

I see on another thread (https://inductiveautomation.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=31662#p31662) that implies child tags are in fact disabled, but I cannot verify is this is really the case (from the SQLTags Browser).

I was able to test this on our side and found that this is an issue. I have opened a bug ticket for this issue and it will be fixed in a coming update.

This is still an issue in 7.7.1, any news when this will be fixed?

Second that.

Hi all,

This will be fixed for 7.7.2. I believe it’s fixed for rc1, but not 100% sure. If not, I know it has, in fact, been fixed for rc2.