Disabling red overlay over Table component

I try to query and show history tag data in table with some data been lost or bad quality in time range.
The problem if the time range include any bad quality or no data(the server is off) the red overlay show on top of table. This especially true when user select a time range in future to past which is common when working with date range component.
I want to disable this overlay and I think it’s only possible over scripting. If there is no data for some row in table, I want table show value 0 without red overlay.

There should be an ‘Overlay Opt Out’ checkbox wherever you actually have a tag history binding. If you’re using a script to query tag history, then you would have to copy your dataset into a new one with new (good) quality codes.

I used tag history binding which doesn’t have overlay opt out.
Could you show me how change quality of return tag history query in script.


from com.inductiveautomation.ignition.common import BasicDataset
incoming = BasicDataset(<reference to query results>)
dataWithoutQualityCodes = BasicDataset(incoming.getColumnNames(), incoming.getColumnTypes(), incoming.getData())