Disabling SQL query binding on power table

I have an SQL query binding on a table that is linked to a Date Range component.
When the Date Range component is put into Realtime mode, it updates the Start and End time every so often, which means the SQL query is updated at the same rate.

I’ve noticed this can cause performance issues with the query being repeated so often.

I was hoping that disabling the table component would prevent query being executed, but this doesn’t seem to be the case. Is this a bug or intentional behavior?


Intentional behavior. You’ll have to constrain realtime mode to update slower than your query execution time.

How can you change realtime update period?
I actually had the query execution set to “off”. Trouble is, because the WHERE statement changes every time the date-time changes, it executes in time with realtime update period.

Is there a different way to approach it where I could use a custom property bound to date range that only updates in historical mode or something?

That’s customization somewhere in that window. Unlike an EasyChart, there’s no automatic realtime mode in the standard date range component. Find what is supplying the end-date when you selected realtime mode. Change that to update less often. (EasyChart has a poll rate property, for instance.)

Ah sorry i am actually using an Easy Chart component, and utilizing Start and End date from that. Not a Date Range component.

Where is the poll rate property on an Easy Chart? I have tried looking for that before. I always thought it polled based on the Client Poll rate specified in the Project Properties under Client/Timing.

It’s called “Poll Rate”, and its under the “Behavior” section of an EasyChart’s properties. (-:

Geez i must be blind, can’t believe i’ve skimmed over that for so long. Thanks. :+1:

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