Disabling Tab Strip

Hi I’m using a tab strip and I have 3 tabs (Tab 1, Tab 2, Tab 3)
so if the selected tab is Tab 3, I want Tab 1 and Tab 2 to be disabled. How can I do that?

I think a little more information is in order.
[li]Why would you want to disable remaining tabs when you select one of them? [/li]
[li]What mode are the tabs in? [/li]
[li]Are the tabs set by which user is logged in?[/li][/ul]

I have disabled tabs by covering them with a label that absorbs all mouse clicks and is configured (Fill Background on, make semi-transparent) to make a tab look disabled.

The disabling label appears/disappears based on what tab is selected. I just toggle the “visible” property of the label to make it appear or disappear.

It would be nice if tab disabling was built in to the Tab Strip component.