Disabling tags in tag UDT instances


Me and my team are working on a older scada to ignition migration. There are maybe 20 PLCs in the field that are configured in Ignition.

Right now we are in the design stage are we want to import the PLC tags and structure them using UDTs…

Let’s take a pump UDT for example. We added all the tags that are related to pumps:


  • Name
  • Description
  • cmdOn
  • cmdOff
  • cmdMan
  • cmdAuto
  • cmdReset
  • statusOnOff
  • statusManAuto
  • statusOL
  • statusFault
  • OperationHrs
  • Current
  • Power

Pumps are from 20 different PLCs and they are not programmed the same. For a pump coming for a certain PLC, some tags wont be binded because they don’t exist. We will disable the tag that are not used during the tag importation.

My question is, can it be problem (performance wise) for ignition to have multiple Disabled tags? We are talking 50 to 75 pump tag instances that could have tags disabled. All the other equipment in the Field, motors, valves, control valves, compressors, etc…will work the same.


You might want to consider making a Pump UDT containing all the points common to every pump, then make another UDT for each type of pump. These UDTs would inherit from the Pump UDT (by setting it’s Parent Type property to Pump) and then add the points unique to each pump. This means you don’t need to worry about points having to be disabled.

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That’s a good idea, we will try it.