Disabling thousands of unused tags

Someone in our organisation - culprit yet to be identified - has created a project and imported all the PLC tags - 35,184 of them - into the project. They’re probably only using a couple of hundred. There are a couple more similar projects. I’m sure that this is chewing up network and gateway bandwidth.

What are other users doing …

  1. To prevent this?
  2. To clean up? Has anyone got a cunning scheme to disable unused tags?
  1. Flog the offender when identified? Tar and feathers? Public shaming?

(I made my drivers include data type information in the Browse descriptions so you get horrible names if you drag and drop whole hierarchies…)

  1. Unfortunately, no. Though you don’t want to disable them. You want to delete them. If there’s only a few actually used, consider just deleting the whole block and letting your UI tell you what it wants. /:

I thought auditing caught tag creation?

It does, assuming you have auditing on… Which you should… Auditing should be on by default imnsho!

The answer is: hire intelligent people!