Disappearing objects

I have a Window with a single line diagram shown for a power circuit using templates (circuit breakers mainly) and line objects as bus line connections.

Some bus lines disappear in runtime…

If I delete the line object and recreate it, it fixes it for a period of time, but it seems to disappear again x days later.

Any ideas? I’m at a loss…

Do these lines also re-appear when you resize the client, or close and reopen it?

Yes. They’re not thin lines, i think they’re 2 pixels from memory

FYI I found a ‘fix’ (workaround). I set the rotation of these lines to something minuscule (e.g. 0.001) and this resolved the issue!

I can’t tell if you’re using the line tool, or the line component. For me & my coworkers, the line component is often weird and behaves oddly, which may explain whats happening here. I’d suggest the line tool if at all possible.

This was a while back, but I’m pretty sure I was using the standard, basic line tool for these lines. I haven’t seen this happen on any other project… it was a bit odd. And yes, I also don’t trust the line component, mainly because the bounding box is larger than the component itself, which wreaks havoc sometimes when it’s displayed on different resolutions due to rounding errors. Even for pipework, I tend to use basic rectangles and union them together to avoid component offsetting due to rounding errors.