Discovered the beta for 7.8 this afternoon

No announcement, and there’s some pieces missing from the download area (SDK in particular), but I couldn’t help throwing it on a fresh VM to play with :smiley:
New reporting module looks particularly nice (have poked very deeply yet, though). I did notice that I’ll have to bump the api level on all my modules… the price of progress, I suppose.
New online manual isn’t up yet, but it does offer to show an offline copy still. That works, but the left sidebar stays expanded. Not sure if it’s intended to have a collapsed view. (Linux, Firefox 39.0.3).

There’s no downloadable SDK any more, it’s all maven and the examples are on Github. The API level is a nice idea in theory but we’ve ended up bumping it on every release.

Keep poking, I’m sure you’ll find something that falls over :laughing:

Yeah, the API level idea is a pretty blunt instrument. I’d like to see it disappear – leave the minimum version check, but otherwise let modules run or fail based on the classes they import and the methods they (attempt) to call. If the developer needs to release version split modules, let the one supporting older Ignition do its own max version check.

I’m not feeling the love for maven yet… :frowning:
For a quick and dirty solution, I reworked the ant build to spit out multiple API versions at a time:<!-- Build the *.modl file(s) --> <for list="${module.requiredframeworkversion}" param="apiversion" trim="true"> <sequential> <xmltask source="${project}/Build/temp_modl/module.xml" dest="${project}/Build/temp_modl/module.xml"> <replace path="//module/requiredframeworkversion/text()" withText="@{apiversion}"/> </xmltask> <zip zipfile="${basedir}/${project}/Build/modules/${}-api@{apiversion}-unsigned.modl" basedir="${basedir}/${project}/Build/temp_modl" /> <echo message="${}-api@{apiversion} Module Build Complete."/> <echo message="*.modl file can be found at: ${basedir}/${project}/Build/modules/${}-api@{apiversion}-unsigned.modl"/> </sequential> </for> <delete dir="${basedir}/${project}/Build/temp_modl" /> I needed the following in my …/IgnitionSDK/Build/build.xml:<!-- Allows external ant tasks like <if> to be used --> <taskdef resource="net/sf/antcontrib/antlib.xml"> ....Along with: <!-- Allow build-time modification of XML files --> <taskdef name="xmltask" classname="com.oopsconsultancy.xmltask.ant.XmlTask" classpath="${basedir}/IgnitionSDK/Build/AntLib/xmltask.jar" />Then the module.xml requiredframeworkversion can be a comma-separated list of API versions. :slight_smile: