DiskDataStore Error

Hello, has anyone seen errors like this? Not even sure where to being to search for this?

I got the same errors ignition 7.9

Hi, were you able to figure it out?

Nope, I just found it in logs. It looks like it stated a week ago happed about 15 times since there. And I feel that trending works slow plus "SQL Server" process in Task Manager taking about 70% of total server memory. I think that something not working properly between Ignition and SQL server. Planning to reboot gateway and see what happen. Will post update soon

OK, thanks, let me know.

Sent Gateway to reboot, performance looks better, Ignition memory usage reduced from 3-4 GB to 700MB. But SQL Server still using Crazy amount of memory. Next step Reboot Windows server.

Server Reboot reduced SQL server memory usage went to 1,5 Gb and Ignition Gateway performance went up. Will wait if DiskDataStorage come back.

Running your DB on the same server as Ignition in production is only suitable for the lightest loads. Consider not doing that.

Meanwhile, inspect your ignition.conf file's memory settings, and make sure the initial heap is set to the maximum heap. That tells Ignition to claim all of its heap up front, minimizing the opportunity for swap memory thrashing.

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for this project the DB is on a separate server.

in this `ignition.conf file it is set to:

Initial Java Heap Size (in MB)


Maximum Java Heap Size (in MB)


so setting Initial Java Heap Size to 4096 should help?


Yes. Java doesn't ever return memory once it has allocated it from the OS. If it doesn't need to ramp up to maximum until many minutes after startup, other services on the same machine (and the OS's own buffers) may assume they have enough, and then get pushed to swap when Java grabs more memory. This can push a system into swap thrashing, and performance craters.

Oh wow, OK. I will update Initial Java heap now.
Thanks for the help!!!

Hey, thank you for responding, I bump it up to 4 GB a month ago, but DiskDataStorage message showed up first time a week ago never seen this error before. I think that our IT did some SQL DB maintenance that probably was cause of this issue.

That did the trick, I have been watching it for the past hour and have not seen that error at all.
Thanks again!