Display a web page inside a popup window

I’m currently running a perspective session on a touch screen tablet in kiosk mode.
is it possible to display a web page inside of a popup window?
I’ve tried running system.perspective.navigate(url = ‘http://docs.inductiveautomation.com’) onStartup of the popup but this navigates away from my current session, due to the nature of the project the perspective session must remain visible.

thanks in advance

Navigation always takes place on the central View OF THE PAGE, not the View which invokes the navigation. If you want to display a web page in a popup, you need to use the Inline Frame component.

Also, some pages may NOT be used in inline frames, and that is decided by the individual site. The Inductive Automation documentation does not allow itself to be displayed through an inline frame (<iframe>) component. So if you are indeed attempting to provide our documentation though a Popup, you will not be successful.

Thanks for the quick response,
Does the frame component allow me to use a script to fill fields in the displayed webpage? i.e. userID, password etc

No, it’s very much just a portal to the supplied source (url).

Thanks for your help ‘cmallonee’,
this provides a good starting point for me.