Display a website with system.net.openURL

Hi all!

By trying to display a web page inside Ignition, I am using system.net.openURL.
Until now what I get it is the web page opened through the web browser and not a “nice screen” inside the SCADA.

Do you know if it is possible to do that?

Thanks in advantage for any feedback!

it was with the active x module. I dont know if it is supported in the version you are using though. I have tried it in 7.5.11 and it still works.

I believe IA will be offering a new browser component in 7.7 also.

Yes, the Active X component is no longer supported and there is a new Web Browser component in 7.7. The browser component will look like any other Vision component in your screens, and offers a lot of scripting potential.

Great! Do you know when v7.7 will be delivered?

There’s no firm date, since we’d rather deliver a great product than stick to an arbitrary date.

It’s currently in QA testing, so I hope (fingers crossed) that it will be sooner rather than later. :slight_smile: