Display a window from one project in another project

We have customers with several projects on the same gateway. Each project has a number of common screens and a few custom screens. It would be really nice to be able to place all the common window in a common project so we only have to make a change in one place.

I know about retarget, but in this case we have a tab strip on a header. Some of the tabs open common screens, some open custom screens. Also, a number of the common screens are actually popups.

So what I’m looking for is openWindowFromProject('project','window') to open a foreign window in this project.

:scratch: have to think how to handle common scripts the foreign window might reference :scratch:


Would allow another means of flexibility in handling the problem described here

This way I could have plant specific projects for Ignition, and have a master project tieing in these various projects so that the wide area project delve into these subproject screens in a seamless manner