Display an image using 'Mouseover Text' property


I’m trying to display an image using ‘Mouseover Text’ property. I tried putting the following HTML code:

It seems that the route is not correct, because the symbol of a broken image is displayed. Is this the problem? Or may be is that this can’t be done?

Any suggestions?
Thanks a lot.

It can be done with the following as an example:

                  <html><img src='file://localhost//C://1.jpg'/>

One thing to keep in mind, this file will need to reside in the same location on every client machine. Alternatively, you can place the file in a shared location and then reference that address.

I’m trying the same: is it possible to use an image from the Gateway Image Mangement?

Answering to myself: I could display an image from Image Management in a tab strip component using the following syntax:

Ref. also to: