Display Blanks Instead of <N/A> on Reports

There’s probably a very simple answer to this which I can’t find, but how can I stop displaying <N/A> in report fields that are empty and just display a blank instead?

What version are you using? In 8.0.2 we fixed the issue of your deletion of “N/A” not sticking. (Note to self: FB11351 in case I need to find the fix)

If by chance you are just looking for where this is set. You want to select the key on the component that is displaying the value. This will open the property editor for that key and from there you can set the Null Format to a blank.

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Yup, that’s where it is! :wink:

Thanks a bunch. I looked for that for a while but must have missed it.

EDIT: FYI, if you just get rid of the <N/A> in the field, it still displays on the report. I had to change it to a single space to get rid of the <N/A>. This may be what Kathy was talking about in the first reply. Thanks!