Display CCTV DVR using web module

I am trying to display a CCTV DVR, I have it working in chromium using the IE tab add on but the option for this doesn’t appear in the web browser module. When you go to the DVR IP it asks to install webkit plugin. I’ve tried to run this from chromium and it fails to install which is strange as I have it working on IE 11. Searching the forums there used to be an active x module is this still available to download - if so where I’ve tried to find it in the downloads sections and can’t. Ignition 7.9.4 on windows 10 pro.

Ignition is built on Java, not Microsoft technology. Anything that requires an ActiveX will not load into Ignition. You’ll have to look for JPEG or MJPEG functionality in your DVR product.

True, but IA used to support it (openURL minimizes Ignition)… is that still the case?

I have successfully displayed UPS diagnostics (original runs on flash) and 3D printer control, both with relative ease, so I was hoping I might have some luck with the DVR, I will inquire from the supplier tomorrow regarding the video stream option.

Not since 7.5 or 7.6 maybe?

OK, thanks for the clarification. CCTV supplier has informed me it has RSTP protocol on port 554, trying to get that to work (perhaps [BYES Apps] Video player component)

This module was only a proof of concept for an RTSP H264 component. I don’t recommand to use it in production.
No support and no upgrade with new ignition version.

As a side note, I analyse other solution to provide RTSP H264 component.

Thanks for the reply. This isn’t for production, it’s for R&D in my office… trying to add as many things to ignition as I can. Is it still available to download?