Display Certain Rows in Alarm Journal

How do I limit the number of rows returned in an alarm journal? I know how to sort by source and tag path and all of that stuff, but I’m only looking to display the most recent five rows. Is there an option I’m missing for that or do I need to script that on a property?

If the latter is the case, where would I script something like that and how would I do that?

Thanks in Advance for the help! :laughing:

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I don’t know how to limit the list to a set number of rows, but you can limit the rows by date.
You can bind the Start Date and End Date to a Date Range component which users can then use to filter the list.

Thanks! I had known about this option, but I’m really looking to limit the number of rows to a certain amount. My only other thought was to do a DB query and limit the query to five rows? The DB data looks a lot different than the alarm journal data though…

already found a solution?
im looking for exact the same thing