Display circular/spiral graph in Perspective

I have a client that wants to be able to display the movement of an object on a graph like this in Perspective:

The path would be based on recorded data, as well as the current location of the circle indicator. I have used charts plenty of times where the data is plotted against a time axis, but I haven’t done something where X and Y axes represent a physical plane. Do you have ideas or examples where this has been done?

It’s not the same problem, by any means, but I would probably approach this by generating an SVG, using a method broadly similar to the one in this post:

You can donit with a normal XY chart

Looking at the XY Chart, I don’t see any options that would allow a spiral graph like this. Could you help me get one step further?

Right so what you do is treat it like you would a normal time series chart, but with two variables instead of one variable against time. Does that make sense? you plot your points with a X and Y coordinate

I understand what you mean in theory, thanks for explaining it. I have been trying to get this to work with an XY chart for a while now and I just can’t seem to do it. I tried it with the timestamp as one column of the dataset and a tuple of values like (1,2) as the other column, and I also tried it with a timestamp column and separate X and Y columns. I’m not sure how having an X and Y column without a timestamp would produce the chart I’m looking for, but I’m certainly happy to hear more tips on this method!

I was able to get it to work as a proof of concept at least, without a timestamp column. I just queried two columns with x and y data, and then changed the configuration on the X axis “render” property to value instead of date.

This is the query I used to form a poor quality circle, and a screenshot of the result. With more datapoints, I believe I could make the spiral above.

		(0, -1), (.25,-.9), (.5, -.7), (.9, -.25), (1, 0), 
		(.9, .25), (.5, .7), (.25, .9), (0, 1), (-.25, .9), 
		(-.5, .7), (-.9, .25), (-1, 0), (-.9, -.25), (-.5, -.7), 
		(-.25, -.9), (0, -1)
	) AS a(x, y)


There you go, see it as coordinates to draw something. If you have X as your timestamp you will have a normal time series chart because Y is always plotted to time