Display Current Pages in Header of Perspective Session

What is the best way to have a label in the header of a perspective session and bind different text to the label based on the what current page you are on? Is there a built in item for each page that would allow this to happen easily?

What are you trying to display? The URL, or the path to the View used for the primary view of the page?
These are the properties available for the page:

Please note that these values will NOT display correctly in the Designer, but they will in an active Session. The Designer does not have “Pages” in the same sense as a session, so the values won’t look right.

I’d like to use the path or URL to display certain text. For example if I have pages:
Pages/Recipe/Machine I’d like to display ‘Machine Setup’ or for Pages/Home I’d like to display Cell Home.
Also I am planning on having a page where I will be replacing a view within that same page. For example I will have a Furnace page but it will have a subview of Heat or Door.
I am taking an existing Vision Client project and transferring over to Perspective and they used Vision client tags to do this. Upon pressing a button they not only navigated to a different screen using system.nav.swap but they also set a vision client tag to different text depending on what screen they were navigating to and then all they had to do was display that vision client tag with the current screen name. i am looking to do something similar if possible.

You can be do it as follow,

Here in the “Input Type” you can add as much as views you have and copy page URL of it and use it here.

Also you can use Session Properties section same way as one can use Client tags in vision. You can also create Custom property under session prop.