Display fault messages in Vision 8.1.17

What are some ways I can display the fault messages for displays? I am pulling them from the machine state in the OEE module at the moment, but they break if the production run is turned off.
I would like to use an integer to display a message. I am just not sure of the good way to do this.

What fault messages are you referencing? Are these alarms? Can we get some screenshots of the project?

The fault messages are PLC faults. The fault sets an integer that is used for downtime and OEE tracking.
I could query a database table with the fault integer to get the fault message but there has to be a better way. I will look into storing the information as a dictionary or json in a tag.
I find it easier to ask for directions, so I don't go down a thousand rabbit holes on every task.
The picture is what I am displaying. I made a template that get the name and the fault from the live analysis form the OEE module and displays it when the machine faults.