Display GUI component dynamically?

Currently I am showing a number of user-defined GUI components (templates) (let’s give it a name: signal) in some of my main windows. Those GUI components are spread around the windows and are quite a lot in number (>50) and I have multiple of such windows.


Now, there is a requirement comes to make whatever signal is displayed in the GUI window to be shown in a list of GUI.


My questions are:

  1. How to obtain list of GUI component (template) of the same type (signal) using Ignition Python/Jython Script?
  2. How to get its custom properties (such as customDisplayName)
  3. How to draw the GUI component (template) dynamically?

Have you looked at using the template repeater or template canvas?

@nmudge ah, yes. It is possible to do that if I only have the list. However, what I would like to rather ask is how to make the list having the copy of the items shown in the GUI without I have to put them manually.

It is like, when I put new signal in the main windows, the signal will be automatically appear in the list. Also, my list is in the same page of the main window. Currently, what I do is to make a copy for every signal I create in the main window to the list. It is not hard to do that, but just it is a duplicating work which might have higher chance of error as the number of signal gets higher.

So, regarding of getting and creating UI elements dynamically, is that possible?