Display image from Database In REPORT

Hello, i know there are other topic with the same question, but i have tried to get it to work and i can’t

I’m using SQL Server.
have a column id(int),imagedata(image)

i believe the storing of the image i got correct as it was saved in the sql database.

but i can’t retrieve the image , i really do not know how to do it, and i have spent to much time with it, so if anyone would be so kind to guide me step by step, it would be great. i tried using some code in another topic with a label component. but again, i don’t know where that scripting would go.

anybody has tried to this in ImageShape in the report designer?

any help?

Finally got it to work on the report.
i used a script. to run the query. and set the datakey to that query.

image = system.db.runScalarPrepQuery(“SELECT imagefile FROM imagetable where id=7”)
data[‘myKey’]= image

Can you please share screenshot to know the exact place to insert the query