Display image from LAN blocked in perspective


I try to show an image from a shared network folder in a perspective view.
Here is an example of the link I am using.

Those files were uploaded in that folder from devices using perspective upload file component and fs01.local is not the gateway server.

When I click the link to view the file in a new tab the address bar shows: about:blank#blocked
When I use that link as a source of an image component, it does not show and print this in the console:
[Browser Events Thread] INFO Perspective.Designer.BrowserConsole - Not allowed to load local resource
When I copy the source link in the clipboard and paste it in a new browser, it works.

I found some settings to bypass security on Chrome that should make it work but I don’t want to create a security breach in my system.

I don’t know what is missing in my setup to show those files.
Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks for any help you can provide

It would be a security breach. Browsers don’t allow regular web pages to ask for resources from the filesystem, and network shares are part of the filesystem. You need to host those resources in a webserver.

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Is there a way to configure a virtual folder in Ignition the same way I can do on IIS?
That way Ignition Gateway would be able to be the host of those files.
The goal of the virtual folder is to not have the uploaded files on the C:\ drive and potentially overload the OS drive.

Entirely inside Ignition, you can use the Webdev module to ‘host’ a directory on the filesystem and expose it.

Or (my recommendation), you can put a webserver ‘in front of’ Ignition that will actually receive requests (and serve the static files) and then reverse-proxy to Ignition on appropriate routes. On a Linux system, nginx is my go-to for this, because it’s reasonably easy to set up, very well documented, and very performant/stable. I don’t know of equivalent software for Windows. If you are using SSL, this also makes it a bit easier, as usually SSL and renewal procedures are well documented for off-the-shelf server hosting solutions.